Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We stopped caring ...

Remember when you were a kiddo
And everything seemed interesting
Whether the crawling of ants on the floor
Or your maid going around dusting

The jump of joy on hearing you dad come
The lump in the throat , before school
The wonder of staring through the car window
And make-believe games were so cool !

What happened when you grew up ?
Suddenly everything seems “okay”
You don’t feel sorry for the poor beggar
You don’t feel the ‘excitement’ everyday

All you care about is the same routine
And then you lie down and sleep
Curiosity has become a thing of the past
It’s all about being serious and looking deep

You go through the same motions everyday
Regardless of how people around are faring  
Some how it has become too costly to ‘feel’
Somewhere down the road .. we stopped caring
                                 …. We stopped caring


  1. i consider this ur best work =)

  2. awww...don't we all hate growing up and all that you mentioned proves it why:-)

  3. hmm..yeah so true...why do we have to grow up!
    very well written-I liked it!:)