Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A traveller's snaphots .

Dedicated to my “ghumakkad family” … for genetically endowing me with the “Traveller keeda” :D
(Although I still get hyper , moan ,fuss over and go on my mood swings before planning the trips .I can't live without them )

Travelling is a joy beyond  comparison . But once you look back upon it .. what exactly is left behind ?
The tickets ,which crumble with time …
The photos ,which are kept tightly wrapped in family albums ( or ,to switch back to 21st  century … in some long lost folder on your hard drive )..
The souvenirs , gathering dust on some mantel piece in the house …

No ,right ?
What’s left behind are a series of tiny insignificant thoughts ,memories and incidents which just stick to some nook and corner of your cerebrum and make you smile :)

Mysore (this weekend )
Met this “chat wala” kiddo . Turns out ,he was from hamara U.P.
Oh ,the joys of chatting ( gossiping ,more likely ) in full blown desi hindi . And the poor guy was utterly baffled as to why was I roaming around with a friend who didn’t know HINDI !
Made me realize how “madrasi” I have become :D 

Paris ( May 2011 )
A metro train from Paris to it’s outskirts . We get down at the wrong station and realize that we are in the middle of nowhere !
And then this lady appears , her english was broken . And we were hopeless at french .
But somehow , she and her husband ( God bless his van ) help us out in planning the route back to our station .
Goodness ,it seems … knows no language :)

Kashmir ( May 2010 )
In the middle of Dal Lake ,it was eerie .
The famed lake ,with it’s supernatural beauty .It looked almost magical … with it’s placid waters and ripples .
As if undisturbed by whatever destruction man had wrought around it !
And there was this girl on a shikara , how old ? I cannot tell .
Rowing her shikara across the lake ,carrying flowers and the sunlight reflecting on her high cheekbones .
She just rowed past . And time stood still ….

Laddakh ( May 2009 )
The bazaar was closing . Tiny ,quaint shops ,dimly lit .
If it hadn’t been for the street lamps ,I might have been travelling in 18th century . As the lights dulled , I saw this old woman .
Huddled in the corner of the street … that shiny walk wool shawl over her . She looked like a fragment of history .
Born of those mighty himalayas

Pondicherry ( January 2010 )
It was a small ,almost invisble church . I , Achyut and Huzi just walked in casually .
It was deseted inside . The church choir was practising in the corner . For some minutes , there was just us ,and the music and Him :)

The belly dancer in Dubai ,who danced for herself …
The stripper in Pataya .Who danced with her eyes …
The ticket collector in Bruseels , who greeted us with the biggest smile ever …
The child who ran behind us in Kerala back waters . All he wanted was a pen …and gladly caught it in the air …
The tiny girl who screamed with glee , as she raced her camel across Rajasthan dunes …
The sadhu in Badrinath ,moving and rejoicing with the passion of Bliss …
The soldier on Siachen glacier , with those grinning eyes ..

Memories … snapshots .. fragements … 

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  1. lovd it. more so for me be mentioned.
    also green with envy.
    keep kickin ass.

  2. jealousy would be an understatement Period!

  3. My god-itnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ghooma:(
    You are a lucky dog and you know that, don't you?:-)

  4. @red - lol . oops . now that wasn't the intention :P

    @kruti - :D

    @suruchiiiiiiiiiiiiii - Oh , I love you !! :D