Friday, September 18, 2015


The trouble is, we have invented way too many ways to subdue pain.
Analgesics, anti depressants, movies, booze, social media and what not. In case none of them work .. Good old lies and ego usually do the trick.
We don't wait long enough to let the pain sink in. Let the sobs snuffle, the tears dry and the muscles ache.
Most of us don't wait to see what pain ( real pain) can do to us.
And that, is the magic ingredient. The alchemist's stone, if you would call it.
The fat boy doesn't slims down overnight.
The back bencher does not sits in IIM out of luck.
The orphan does not grows up to be the saint on his own.
Pain (if you let it simmer at the right temperature) alone can bring about the metamorphosis. The deep understanding and the disdain for society.
You will not ask for approval, you will not look for appreciation. You will never look back and sigh.
Just let it sink in and break you.
- Akshay.

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