Friday, September 4, 2015

Those Potter Maniacs

No. They don't flaunt it as they used to. Don't stand in front of the bookstore at 6. Or, go crazy looking for the first day first show tickets.

They don't check mugglenet for new theories. Don't google images for the new movie's wallpapers. Don't look for potter merchandise in every shop. Don't scan the papers for news clippings.

But, on hazy cold nights they snuggle into bed and cuddle with a book sometimes. When the world shouts too much, they put on an old dvd and headphones and mouth dialogues.

Sometimes, before turning on the lights they, they whisper 'lumos'. Before unlocking the door, they tap the lock and blurt out 'alohomora'.

Sometimes, their ears quiver when someone makes a HP reference. They greet those complete strangers with such love as if they have been drinking fire whiskies in Hogesmade all their life.
Oh! You should see them smile when they catch a kid reading philosophers stone.

Catch them sometimes. They'll be sitting dreaming somewhere. Or, will be caught fighting with their heads held high.
Mention Dolores Jane Umbridge. You'll shake your head and walk off, wondering what happened to the normal  sane person you saw a few minutes back.

They have their own Gringotts. Their own Chamber of Secrets. And their own Department of Mysteries. And in each of them, they store away stories about the boy who lived.

Above all, they are the only ones who know the exact hand movements for performing a levitation charm. And they'll remember it. 


  1. Smiled somewhere during the first few words and still have it on
    Thanks for making my day !

  2. I really dont like HP at all but reading this post was fun as it was a very impartial approach at writing. Good one again

  3. True... I just bought a gryfindor socks n muffler n a Hogwarts note book... N after every target i accomplish i say task managed.,quite analogous to mischief managed,....