Saturday, August 29, 2015

Feminism and mythology.

The trouble is, modern day feminists don't get it. The single (independent) woman can be the mother, the manager, the diplomat. She can even be the warrior. But, she cannot be the ruler.

Shakti ( the single, unchained, dominant, powerful Mother Goddess) is called upon only when the world cannot do without Her.
Durga is born as a sum of the energies of all GOds ( and surpasses them all). The resplendent, radiant and ruthless warrior rides into the battle field and destroys all that stands in Her path.

When She cannot face the ever-changing enemy ( the one that sprouts from his own bloodshed), She gives birth to Kali. The gaunt, blood lusting, tongue lolling dark dark Mother. The one that dances to the sounds of battle drums and gets drunk on the blood of those She truly loves.

When the Dark Mother cannot be pacified, Siva must Himself descend and offer Himself at Her feet. The mother then transforms into Dhoomavati. The widow, the void and the truly vanquished.

The single woman shall rise, shall battle and shall win. But, if unchecked, She will lead to Her own demise.

To place Shakti in the hands of Shakti is like making a plug switch of matchsticks to control the forest fire. Or, a dam of ice to control the flood.

Shakti is dynamic. Mutable. It requires Siva beside Her. It is not a question of superior or inferior. It is the very basic nature of things.

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