Friday, March 25, 2016


That's why it's easy for you to call people 'fat'. You don't know.

You dont know about squeezing yourself in school uniforms. About sweaty shirts, strangling tie knots and red welts on the waist. 
You dont know about catcalls and nicknames. About snide comments and you being used as an example whenever a fat reference came up in the textbook.

You don't know about huffing and puffing PT periods. About shoving, pinching and the humilIation of finishing last. About relatives who comment and best friends who join in the laughter to look cool.

You don't know about friends getting curves and cuts as puberty hits. About looking down at your lumps and the pains of the first 'fat' rejection.

You certainly dont know about using humour as a shield and then breaking down as soon as one reaches home.
You don't know about the the insecurities of college life. About self degrading relationships and being the doormat.

There is no way you know can know about starving and diets. About counting calories and dreading looking at that taunting weight scale. And about giving in and hogging to overcome the sinking feeling within.

About realising that even after you become thin, the demons persist.

You know why else is it easier for you to call someone 'fat'?
Because deep down, you are way more unhappy and insecure than they are.

- Akshay

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