Friday, March 25, 2016


Seduction lies deep.

Seduction lies beyond flattering eyelashes, glistening nail paint, ruby lips and pulsating hearts.

Seduction is surrender. Sublime, subtle, surreal.

The booming music that sends blood gushing to the head, the pen that mauls the paper and paints the fingers inky.
The thundering of the bike engine as wind whiplashes one's face. The first gush of the blood as the scalpel pushes in deep.

The idea that enslaves, the desire that dominates. The feet that move in rhythm with your inner chaos.
The sodden earth, the camphor on fire, the sodden spluttering wood, the indecent untamed air.

The lies one believes. The sacrifices one makes. The sore wounds. The self inflicted cuts.

Seduction is the three-breasted Goddess that surrenders at the feet of the Lord. The Lord that submits before the maddened enraged Mother.

The whirling dervish's ecstasy. The monk's eternal silence.

Seduction lies deep.

- Akshay
( Art by Taren Machem)

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