Friday, June 17, 2016

Not Mad

You see, you're not mad.
You will be born. You will squeak, baulk, pee, poop and watch dumb cartoons. You'll fall in love with superheroes, believe that WWE is real, idolise movie stars and somehow manage to hit puberty.
You'll want to be special. Look tragically at your childhood and pat yourself for being brave. For surviving it all.
You'll have breakups. You'll dabble in alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. You'll experiment with sexuality, religion, spirituality, morality and what not. Try to find your 'groove'.
You'll think you are a rebel. You'll make resolutions, believe in true love and dance to whateer crap the dj plays. And then keep dancing.
Meanwhile, age will hit you. The salary cheques will get thicker. So will the belly. You'll accept your position as a corporate slave. Or, toe whatever invisible line your parents drew for you.
Kids will happen. Divorce will happen. What will not happen, is the miracle you were hoping for.
You know why? Coz you are not mad.
You'll never know what obsessive love is. Tbe blood rush to the head when the inner psycho takes over.
You'll never know what unbridled sexuality is. The feel of leather on flesh. Blasphemous fantasies. Bitter fruits.
You'll never pant after that punishing workout. Never get up so sore that you cannot move.
You'll never shudder at the thought of voices. Never shut your ears and beg them to stop.
You'll never know magic. Hell ! You'll never know faith. Surrender. Acceptance. Belief.
Coz you see, you're not mad.
- Akshay

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