Friday, June 17, 2016

The God Of The Schizophrenic 

Let's say that you are a schizophrenic in ancient India. 
Not the raving kinds. A milder variety. With pleasant auditory hallucinations. 
You hear a voice telling you things. You hear it. In time, you start conversing with it. 

You have no idea as to who owns the voice. You attribute it to a higher source. Since the voice knows all about you, you assume that it knows the Truth.

You see visions. Of the entire world in the mouth of children. Of thousand headed Gods and
monsters who sprout from their own shed blood.

You pen it down. Discuss it with people around you. Unfortunately, they haven't heard of schizophrenia either. Your shared psychosis spreads.

Over the years, there are others like you. Who put their conversations to paper. Since most hallucinations of schizophrenia are similar, the similar content consolidates the belief.

Learned rishis ponder over it.
Since their view of science is trough the looking glass of religion, they meditate upon it and draw conclusions.

Your hallucinations are now part of a thick book. Accepted. Revered. Carried forward.

The God of the Schizophrenics is now God.

- Akshay

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