Saturday, October 29, 2016


Hinduism is very simple.

None of the Gods are perfect. None of the 'asuras' are evil. Each one is flawed.
There is Dharma. And Dharma needs to be followed. If you do not follow Dharma, you perish. 

Ravana, the greatest of all sages, pays the price for abducting and desiring Sita. Rama prays the price for doubting her chastity and abandoning her.

Kauravas fall because of their greed. For desiring what was not theirs rightfully. Panadavas fall for they too stray away from Dharma, in the heat of the battle.
Even the puppeteer Sri Krishna suffers at the hands of Gandhari, for her faith in her dharma was unshaken.

Siva falls prey to lust and attachments ( neglecting the dharma of being a yogi). Mahakali succumbs to anger and destroys all She holds dear.

Take the storiy of any asura in Hindu mythology. It follows a common theme of a great man who performs severe austerities to get what he wants. Its only that that the he demands what is not his.

Simple as it may seem, this forms the crux of Hinduism.
In current times, when religion has become synonymous with hatred, caste and politics .. this needs to be understood even more.

- Akshay

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