Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Art Of Eating Alone.

Of all the skills one must acquire over the years, the art of eating alone is an absolute necessity.

A book or magazine I would suggest. Although, one must avoid the phone. The ever devious phone ( with its tentacles embedded in every sphere of life) hardly leaves one 'alone'. One must first settle down comfortably. In a seat one likes. Not hide in a dimly lit cove, which would suggest that one is ashamed of eating alone. Except those wonderful wonderful introverted souls. What blessing it is indeed!

Then one may open a book, flip through a magazine or write. One may gaze into the surroundings ( short of looking desperate and creepy) too.
Concentrate on the food. Chew it, churn it, cherish it.
Fiddle with a pair of earphones and plug them in. Let music do the rest.
Your tongue will taste, your ears will hear, your eyes shall feast. And all will be in harmony.

You might also chance upon the fact that one is forever alone. And what a delighful pleasure that would be.
Almost an icing on the cake. Unless, you have a cake on the menu. I'd always suggest the latter.

Cakes taste best when tasted alone.


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