Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baba Ramdev beats Rakhi Sawant !

I stand up and applaud !
When I saw “rakhi ka swayamvar” I thought I had seen the pinnacle of melodrama .
But no , Babaji had more in store … much more ,infact .

So babaji , what happened to yoga classes ?
Wait..lemme think , the last time I remember you were doing something with Shilpa Shetty , right ?
 ( Or was it Baba Nithyananda ? potato…pateto..same thing )

Someone’s been out of limelight , huh ?
What better chance to light up your disc..oops…yoga floor than to grab on to the hottest issue on the market .Anti corruption dharna !
Babaji … if you really are a ‘sadhu’ shouldn’t you have given up all this ‘moh maya’ already ?
No…ok ! So , ummmm….what about your 1100 crore empire ? does that come under “bhagva” ( saffron ) money ?

What I don’t get is …for a man who preaches yoga , public welfare ( *COUGH* ) and some other bullshit in the name of spirituality ….
How come you know so much about black money and income tax and laws ( and what is the world was that ‘teaching in regional languages’ all about ? )

And taking I-dunno-how-many followers on a fast with you ?
If you really have the power to influence them , why don’t you tell them not to support corruption in the first place  ???
Why ? why do you need to make such a scene out of it ?

Many will say “Whatever it is .. he’s doing it for a good cause ! “
Yes , and in that process …he has done this too ….

And instead heating up the ‘breaking news’ with his cheap antics …

As it is , the media and the public are as fickle as it comes .
Tomorrow if Vijay Mallya sits on a dharna ,they’ll follow him too !

But bravo babaji …
Tired of churning your stomach and your saffron money …. I daresay the time is right to go invent “politica-asan” !

( thanks to ms.Sanya , the P friend )


  1. it was a really stupid n over hyped affair...whatever little i may have thought about him as a yoga teacher, went down the drain...

    such drama on news channel these days I tell you!

  2. rakhi u brain is khaki. where u r & where that baba ramdev. you should think before giving such statements. u r not suitable for him. if he agrees it will be ninth wonder.
    pl choose a guy from your friends only for marraige.