Thursday, June 30, 2011

Say hello to "Mental Masochsits"

So , for some time now I haven’t been in my “always happy” mood .
( DO not worry..brooms are flying….cauldrons are stirring and all is well again )

So ,I realized that I had ( accidentally ) fallen into the category of people I usually refer to as “mental  masochists “ .

Yes, welcome to 21st century ..blame it on the inflation , or the stressful jobs or on your girl friend . We are ( collectively speaking ) an unhappy lot of people .

I mean to say  ,we see so many people unhappy around us that we tend to IDENTIFY with them .
Somehow seeing ourselves in the same position as them..brings a kind of sense of security.
Don’t you sometimes sit and think ,”WHY am I so happy today ?”
Or “How come nothing’s going wrong till now … ?”

Which brings us to the next stage of human evolution “The Mental Masochists”
( x-men ishtyle )

Now, these people REVEL in misery .
They LOVE the fact that they have problems ( 99% self created ) , love discussing them , moaning over them , regaling them to others and “sharing” their sorrows .
( And you thought Meena Kumari was the only  tragedy queen ? )

They’ll turn molehills into mammoths … put a telescope on their beady tear filled eyes and examine tiny lil’ incidents with such dedication …to try and find a reason to moan .
These are the kind of people noone sticks to for a long times ( in offices …schools …colleges …flights ..toilets ..whatever  ) .
The kind of people you’ll see walking around looking as if their granny didn’t leave them a dime in her will .
The kind that will torture , blackmail , inspect , scrutinize their boyfriends ( or ,in all fairness …their girlfriends ) until the poor chap turns around and lashes out at them …and then ??
(Try remembering the story when Gangaji descended on Earth *sigh* )

Oh , did I forget mentioning imaginary medical complaints , blaming others for not understanding them and taking inspirations from sad Bollywood movies ?
My mistake  ( Is Ekta Kapoor looking for new talent ,by any chance ? )

And if you happen to be in their friend circle ( the kind they’ll come to  and moan about the ‘bedard duniya’ ) , make sure you book an appointment with a psychiatrist and an ent doctor !
Ask them what are you actually DOING to solve your “problem” …. And you are in for suicide ( or at least …the loss of a few precious hair )

SO , the next time something teeny tiny troubles you , make sure you don’t fall into the trap .
Remember Akshay Baba’s words ,
“No problem is big enough once you decide to be HAPPY “ :-D


  1. And their most catchy line is " I never did wrong to anyone, nor did i ever spite
    plus i never prayed for myself...even then this happens to me"....
    The most kinda ppl who put me off are thz sorts....
    Who often say that nothing good happens to themm... they r the biggest decieving creatures as they dnt want anything gud for others....

  2. waah waah akshay baba...tussi great ho...snap out of the not 'always happy' mode quick!
    learn from your own gyan:-)

    n the always depressed people...well, somebody's ought to help them..let's look for those somebodies for them:-)