Wednesday, June 15, 2011

That night in Switzerland...

It was 10pm ( 1.30am IST )
A long plane journey ...bus journey ..all the fun ...the HILARIOUS incidents ...the spell binding beauty ... the strangeness and yet ,the warmth of this unknown place had taken a toll on me .
So far from the my first love ( India ) and yet ... it was so comfortable if this Europe knows no distinction .Everyone was free to walk , look , enjoy , breathe the fresh air and revel in the majestic charm of this age old place !

It was a small town . I don't know the name ...but it's at the base of Mount Titlis . Lots of tourists , the hotels all around , surrounded by icy peaks and pleasant cold breeze . A TOY TOWN !

As I was strolling around all alone , it was drizzling . My hood on my head...nose tip cold . Thinking of the plethora of things I had come across . The UBER cool people , the culture .
And I felt alone ....

Only my steps were echoing in the dark street (lit by tiny lamps ) . No touch .
It was then that I saw a 'mannequin'

In a clothes shop ... some parrot green skirt ...and lit by a single bright lamp over it !

In a second ,it all flashed before me . How we are all like that mannequin . Lit by a light , for how long..I dunno .Hoping to catch someone's eye . HOping to be admired .
Changing our exteriors according to the fashion all around .....
All of us go through the 'nights' ...left alone . All by ourselves .
The day comes again..and the same cycle repeats itself .

One day we'll be taken off the stand and placed in the basement somewhere .
Wearing nothing ... but till then
We are all mannequins .

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  1. my god..itneeeeeeeeee deep baatein??????
    just enjoy like you always do..itnaaaaaaaaa sochna sehat ki liye kabhi kabhi haanikarak hota hain...that's besides the point that it makes a great reading:-)