Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Meera , the poet .

Of all the poets who have inspired me , I must admit that Meera is one of the rare ones who has touched my soul . The more I study her , the more divine she seems . 

There is something about each one of her bhajans . A feeling of complete surrender , of love and admiration so deep .. it crosses all metaphysical planes .

They are the words of someone who has found Him . And totally immersed herself in His glory .They are the callings of a heart so infused with him , that it cannot wait to embrace Him ,and give up these worldly illusions .

And this bhajan of hers just sums up all that she stands for ( Although it isn’t a very popular one )

 “Mai Haricharan Ki Dasi “ ( I , the servant at Hari’s feet ) 

Mai Haricharanan ki dasi
Malin vishya ras tyage jag ke ,
Ram naam ras pyaasi
Janam janam ki dasi
Mai haricharanan ki dasi 

I , the servant at Hari’s feet
I have given up all the unholy pleasures of the world
And the only pleasure I crave for is Ram’s name
For many many births I’ve been your servant 

Dukh , apmaan , kasht sab sahiya
Kutil jagat ki haasi
Meera kahe parbhu Giridhar Nagar
Kaato jagat ki faasi ,
Main Hari charahanan ki dasi 

Sadness , humiliation and and all discomforts I’ve faced
This cruel world has laughed upon me
All Meers wants is to call upon her ‘Giridhar Nagar’
So that He can come and relieve her from these worldly shackles .

Aavo preetam sundar nirupam
Antar hovat udaasi
Maanat nahi mann , dheeraj mohan
Tadpat nis din daasi
Savariyan , mohaniya , nagariya , mero piya
Come O loved one , beautiful and uncomparable
There is such grief within me
Now my heart listens no more , O patient one
And this servant of yours is tortured within

Prabhu aavo , aavo , aavo , aavo
Aavo aavo ji
Prabhu aavo aavo aavo aavo
Aavo aavo ji


  1. Meera bhajans are divine...especially when heard these renditions by MS Subbulakshmi, the experience is holy.

  2. She is the epitome of selfless love. Someone truly who doesn't expect! Your post topics are baffling me... something brewing?? and hey nice one :-)

  3. @kruti - thankoooooooooooo :D

    @jenny - lol . something's always brewing ;-) .Just random thoughts :)

  4. superb yar..nice to be here...plz continue to spread goodness around..hope people become spiritual and not fanatical..cheers

  5. i am amazed at the diverse range of interests this one boy called Akshay has-from partying to music to books to travelling to making friends to bhajans and religion...
    the lines really are beautiful...though I had to read the translations*shame on me*
    ab sab aapke tarah gurudev to nahi hote na?:-)

  6. ARRRRRRRRRRE ... suruchi ji . AAp bhi toh guru-maiya ho :*