Thursday, February 23, 2012

The monster .

I woke up alone , in those depths
Except for those tentacles around
They shackled me ,held me down
And I stood still , helpless and bound

The creature had risen out of nowhere
When I used to dance with the waves
I struggled and shrieked and fought
But it dragged me to the deepest caves

Now I had given it all up , I reveled in it
Cuddling and dozing in his warm embrace
Shielded away from the untamed waves
Until , one day , the sun glimmered on my face

And I wanted to feel it , to breathe air
So I asked him , “Let me be . I need you not “
And miracle it was ! He uncoiled his arms
And disappeared without a second thought

And then I saw , the monster was I
Stopping myself from doing what I must
All of us carry him inside ourselves
And it just takes determination to reduce him to dust …
Reduce him to dust ….

Writer's note : The monster and it's tentacles are a metaphor for the myriad of fears that we create in our minds :)


  1. wow!!! You really have your way with words..! our fears are our monsters.. awesomely put.. Was figuring out the poem, until the last para! Loveedd it totally..

  2. Jenny . You are so sweet . Thank you :)

  3. Kya baat hain ji....mere andar ke monster ka bhi kuch upay keejeye gurudev:-)
    wonderfully worded Akshay:-)