Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Aasoon ( Tears )

What began as few tiny drops
Has cascaded into a dowpour
Sobs that thunder as clouds dark
And fog that swirls beofre my eyes

Once they used to rain incesstantly
Lamenting a broken toy
and I would wipe them with tiny hands
Or dry them in mom’s lap

The weapons to get demands fulfilled
They almost worked some spell on me
Anger , hatred , jealousy bubbling inside
Would wall be washed away by the rain

Today I am amazed to see them fall
It took me so long to master them
But , in some corner ,my heart dances too
What I had converted into a desert long ago
Has been blessed with monsoon today …
Blessed with monsoon today …


  1. Omigod! Had to read it three times, to understand!! Gehrahiii and khoobsurat shabd Akshay..

    Dil Halka ho gaya?

  2. @kruti - Thankoo :)

    @Jenny - lol ! that's why I put up an english translation .Lolz , ya I have a feeling I converted my heart ache into your head-ache :D

  3. Nice Poem Akshay...

    Tum kehte kehte hi baat kuch aisi keh gaye,
    Roka bahut humne magar do aansoo phir bhi beh gaye,
    Roye bahut hai gham mein tanha akele yunhi,
    Socha nahi phir khushi mein bhi ye saath mere reh gaye…

    Thats not my poem..i had read it somewhere and its apt for this post.