Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Welcome to the world of anorexia , skinniness and flattened stomachs !
“no..no…I can’t eat chocolates/butter/pizza/potato ..It’s got CALORIES !”
“oh my God ! I swallowed too much air…What will happen to my dieting ?”
“Oh ! this thing ,huh ? Lemme see my diet plan and calculate how much will it add to my body . Got a calculator ?”
With a “wee bit” of exaggeration this is the scenario these days .For God’s sake people..get a life ! it’s O.K. to have a cute little paunch . And girls … guys don’t exactly mind a few curves here and there .
Salad … skimmed milk … low calorie food stuffs ! What happened to aloo paranthe , double cheese pizza and dal with ghee ( yuck ! There drops my saliva on the keyboard ! )
It’s eating people …not a war ..that you have to plan every step in advance . People eat like machines these days , Calculating , pondering , eyeing the food as if it hides something bacterial . What about LOVING food ? ( people who have seen me eating know what I am talking about )
The way ghee melts over dal forming a thin crust , the butter soaking the hot parantha , the long trial of cheese when you pick up a piece , a triple sundae ( wid molten chocolate ,whipped cream and crushed nuts and …oops ! the cherry ) , a steaming bhatura so soft it melts in your fingers , chocolate cake so soft you roll it in your mouth it kind of dissolves
And a lil bit of chocolate gets smeared on your nose tip . That red hot pav bhaaji rolling in butter …ready to be soaked and swallowed …
Sorry for deviating, I tend to loose control when talking about the first love of my life . So ,the next time you eat food …eat because you want to eat ..not b’coz you HAVE to eat it ! All you skinniness , zero figures might make you look good ( notice the word MIGHT ) ..but think of how much you torture your stomach and that foodie within you for the sake of vanity . And as far as health is concerned . Heard of exercising ? Stop hearing..do it ! you don’t want a bear belly ( remember there is a whole diameter of difference between paunch and belly ) . So eat healthy ( EAT …don’t starve healthy ) , exercise ( if you want to …trust me , that’s you choice ) and keep loving food !


  1. You are a devil.Devil Devil.. a pure Devil... I am hingry now

  2. u made a spelling error....n an error to make me wild n hungry!!!

  3. @ankur -dat was my intention ;-)
    @achyut - I 100% agree ! skinny=not hot !
    @mmp - hahahaha ! I know ...u fell for it too ;-)

  4. aloo paranthe , double cheese pizza and dal with ghee...yummy!!!

    *Runs to the kitchen to find some food*

    P.S Love the post!!! :D

  5. @nicole - from one foodie to another . God bless your tummy ...lolzz . Thanx :-D