Saturday, February 13, 2010


The day is here ladies and gentlemen . Time to loosen your purse strings and sent a card ( the pinkest one with shiny shiny stuff over it ) , flowers ( red rose …my advice is to invest in plastic ones ..they’ll last loneg than your “relationships” ) , love letters ( search for ‘love shayari’ on google if you are out of ideas ) or gifts ( teddy bears ..bracelets ..parphume…blah blah ) …oh ! did I forget the main expenditure ? PHONE BILL !

And here am I …all alone ..sob sob ! No one to write to ....( ok ! I give it up …I cannot do my FULL NAUTANKI online …I need face-2-face interaction ) .
So , I’ll give a few calls …to my nani ( and I’ll have to explain what is valentine’s day first ! ) mom ( no …thankfully , she is advance enough now ! ) and a few other creatures all over the world who make my life more weird and more strange ( and needless to say ..more fun ) .
Ok ..this gets serious from now on…
Maybe , love isn’t about that “someone special” ( yeah right ! that “special” changes more quickly than Sarvana bhavan’s “special” item ) . It’s about you know..loving people general ( no ..that dosent mean you can flirt with your neighbour ) . It’s about knowing that there are so many people out there who’ll listen to you …comfort you ..bitch about you ( oops….bitch with you , I mean ! ) and give you loads of free advices .
It’s about people who know who you are and accept you that way . And it’s about loving God , loving food , loving novels , loving movies too . So this valentine’s day…just love LIFE ! muuuuuuuuuuuuuuah !


  1. dat v do...narcisisst by birth ! :-D

  2. i totally agree.. u do need ur fabled facial expressions to express ur self... lolzz i really do miss them... ;)

  3. ahhhh...i know . Oh btw ..they are famous here too ;-)

  4. dood...big time narcissist ....
    PS : I love it when u comment on my log :-D

  5. Nice...i agree..Love makes life worth living :)

  6. you should know jahnvi .....u r in a "comitted" relationship with our mutual friend ..GOD ;-D

  7. he he...soo cutee :D...i agree :)