Thursday, February 4, 2010


Trring…trring….trring !
I got up …sleepy eyed , struggled with my tummy and sat up , thawped ( I know dats not a word..but that’s exactly the sound I get ) my hand everywhere and found the mobile .. but by that time , the mission had been accomplished …another MISSED CALL attack !
Now you must be wondering why I called it an attack ? Coz that’s what it …after Dr.Abdul kalam Azad I guess the next in line must be one of our Indian brothers ( or sister …No gender issues ) who invented this missile !
It will come any place ( class , theatre , bed and worst..LOO ! ) ..any time ( You are taking a bath, sleeping , buttering your girl-friend , getting scolded , digging your nose , plucking out head lice or performing an important biological activity ) …and in any manner !
Now the strategy of attack depends upon the character of the enemy . A miniature missed call indicates the hyper type ( mera phone kyon uthaya ??? aaa…aaaah…aa ) , the sadistic types give you LONG ones ( which end EXACTLY when your finger tip touches the keypad ! ) , there are also MUFTKHOR people ( arre yaar….tumhari CALLER TUNE sunne ke liye phone kiya tha ) , and the TIMEPASS people ( Aur yaar , what’s up ? Bas AISE HI call mari thi ! ) and the IRRITATING HYPER ones ( I saw your first missed call…no need to give 20 after that ! )
Some missed call carry messages :
Bhai , give me a missed if the teacher is absent
Give me a missed when food is ready
Gime a missed when you reach outside my place
Gimme a missed when your husband goes out of the house
Bhai , a missed if you see my other GF coming
Gimme a missed when you are about to suicide etc. etc.
All in all , missed call attacks have inadvertently become a part and parcel of our lives . mom’s missed call ( Oh no ! What did I do wrong now ? ) , girl friend’s MC ( Emotional attyachar begins.. ) friend’s MC ( time to get out of the house dood ) and the most dreaded ….the one which comes at the WORST moment ( dood…I was on the edge of sleep !; about to kiss her ; about to catch his attention ! ;about to catch the bus ; it was about to about to come out …grrrr ! )
So , here is my salute to the greatest invention yet … ! Enjoy it ,tolerate it , get tortured by it ..or use it as a weapon . After all , ek missed hi toh deni hai , right ?
P.S : My sleeping hours are 4 to 6 in the noon . Please avoid calling between those hours .
Love all my missed callers :-)