Friday, February 12, 2010

Poems that creep into my bored mind...

That cool darkness of churches
Where you can perceive every breath of yours
The desperate hopeful stillness of hospitals
That humid calmness of river shores

A sleepy noon , the tick-tock of clock
The untamed winds on mountain peaks
Sit down peacefully and listen sometimes
A thousand words does silence speaks ..
A thousand words does silence speaks …

Cuddling , snuggling in blankets soft,
Devouring the carrot halwa steaming hot
The early morning fog blinding us
Teeth chattering against the icy draught .

Rubbing palms to "defreeze" them
Shivering at cold water's touch
Sitting aorund fires , glowing warm
Ah ! the winters i love so much ...
the winters I love so much .

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