Wednesday, May 3, 2017

In a world filled with discrimination, hatred, propagandas and bullying .. be a Dobby.

Be the smallest, most insignificant being. But wake up every day with determination in your heart. Suffer (until you can change the world), but do not let those sufferings break you.

Step out of the law. Do not care about the government or rules. If it is to save those who matter to you. Even though you might have to burn your hands or beat yourself for it. Be a Dobby.

Speak the truth. Even if you shiver with fright. Look them in the eye and tell them that they are cruel and wrong. Do not start a revolution or blindly follow whatever your entire species has been doing for ages.
Embrace who you are. And fight to get what you stand for. Even if the entire population tells you that you are not normal.
Fight until you get your sock. And wear it proudly. Be a Dobby.

Find yourself an ideal. And dedicate your life to it. Be courageous enough to take a dagger in your heart for it.

In a world where each one of us is struggling to 'belong'. In a world where it's comfortable to be a Winky or a Kreacher.... be a Dobby. 

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