Wednesday, May 3, 2017


After ages, she stepped out naked. Her hair tousled, her arms tingly, her thighs gently rubbing against each other. 

For as long as she could remember, she hadn't been naked. She shut her eyes against the ruthless wind and let the sea foam wash over her. 
She had been taught to cover her flabby arms in sleeves, her pendulous breasts heaving in bras, her Caesarian scar wrapped under layers of satin.

No one. No one had told her how good it felt. To raise your unshaven arms, long dirty nails digging into messy hair, to part those legs and squat on the chair. Naked.

To not suck in that belly. Not tuck it in. Not tighten it. Hide it. Let it all be there. Open to Mother Nature. Open to a million different eyes that won't care.
To let it go.

After ages, she stepped out naked.

- Akshay

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