Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Religion is beyond superstitions and political propagandas. 

It is that 5minutes of solace you find when you bow your head and breathe in the incense. The tinkle of the bell, the beads of the rosary, the momentary silence.

It reflects in the words written eons ago. Names of deities written with such painstaking love and beauty.
The reciting of scriptures that carry even deeper meanings (should one care to decipher them) and the relief (delusional as it may seem) one feels when one places oneself in the hands of something greater.

In the last pews of the church, religion sits between clasped hands. In the light of the dawn, it shivers with the wick of the lamp.

On one hand, it has been twisted by men over the ages. On the other, it has expanded it's folds to include millions who had nothing else to believe in. And kept them afloat.

Religion does not requires blind belief. It requires understanding.
- Akshay

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