Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hinduism is under threat. It is being damaged beyond repair.

Hinduism emerged from the worship of the Sun, the Wind, the Water and all that that surrounded men. It slowly opened it's arms to worship food, animals, statues, words, music and even disease.
It embraced bhakti movement, maintained it's orthodox traditions and humbly bowed before the tantric sects that flourished at the periphery.

Time and again, Hinduism (like any other religion) has been twisted for power.
The Learned ones moulded it to create castes and create a niche for themselves.
The Rich joined hands with them to turn simple rituals into elaborate celebrations, making the devotee place the Gods and the kings on the same pedestal.

Never has Hinduism taught violence. There are texts upon texts on the beauty of the diety, on ways of living life, codes of conduct and righteousness.
Even the most 'barbaric' of Tantra traditions teach the follower to inflict pain on oneself. It advocates self suffering to crush the ego and make oneself humble.

The enemy is always Ego. The magnanimous ego of Ravana, the blind pride of Duryodhana, the narcissistic rage of Mahishasura.
Even the Gods follow their own codes of conduct and suffer when they wrong others.

The kind of narrow minded (read, intolerant) image that is being projected in modern day India, is the greatest damage that could be inflicted on Hinduism.

- Akshay.

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