Friday, April 16, 2010


THE SCENE ( replayed umpteenth times ) :
Other person : “how many pubs have you been to” ?
Me : ummmmmmmmm…none
OP : What ? ok..clubs n all ?
Me : ummm…I don’t go clubbing or pubbing
OP: oh ! ok
I can see it …crashing , falling , zooming towards the ground . What ? my image people !

Welcome to the 21st century college crowd . most of us are totally into maintaining our “image” . It’s all about “I am so cool…aaaand…oh ! You are not”
Now you would wonder how can one calculate one’s “COOL QUOTIENT” ?

Simple ! look at these questions below …
1. Do you have a gf/bf/both ? Are you committed ? over-commited ?
2. do you go to clubs/pubs/dicoes ?
3. Do you bunk college to go to cool places ? (Eg: movies , beach , party ....blah blah )
4. Do you own “BRANDED” stuff ?
5. Do you come to college in vaddi-vaddi cars ?
6. Can you talk for half-n-hour on sex/drugs/cars/angerji songs ?
7. Are you a non-virgin ?
8. do you have dirty long hair and can play guitar ?
9. do you own tight mini skirts and can put on so much make-up that your skin starts reflecting ultra-violet rays ? ( only for girls … this one )
10. do you abuse after every 2 lines ?
11. do you hold a record when it comes to smoking/drinking/doping ?
12. have you ever been so talli that you puked over yourself ?
If the answer to any six of the above is yes ….congrats ! Thou art blessed my child . Welcome to the “COOL” category ….if not , don’t worry , am here to console you .

I don’t get it . it’s sooo OK with me if you wana splurge on beers and dance and cigarettes .Your …oops ! you dad’s money ..your wish !
But for God’s sake don’t boast about it …
“God …I wore a skirt …it nearly ended near my pelvis “ ( this is to avoid using dirty language …please get the meaning )
“I got so drunk …I went on the streets and danced with beer…blah blah “ ( oh ! is that why you smell like that ? )
“clubbing is so fun…I danced with so many strangers “ ( honey …if only you think a bit practically ….you can earn money out of it ! )

So to all of us “uncool” people …Look and learn you fools ! Practice the fake smiles ..and cool expressions ( the V sign , the smirk , the pout , the middle-finger , the “cheers” with glass in hand , the cigarette-smoke one ) for photos and pray that we get into the hi-fi society one day ….*sigh*
PS : till then....just keep looking at these baboons and have a good laugh ( EVIL SMILE ):-D


    Here i find loadsa baboooooooooons akshay :P

  2. akshaayyy this is sooo sooo sooo cool!!! my favourite one!!!! AWESOMEEE!!!!

  3. @sonu - i know ...same here :-P
    @tarji - we discussed the reasons too ..."uncool" chokri :-D