Thursday, April 1, 2010


PS : This is NOT my story plssss …it has been inspired by a lot of people around me .
Caution : this is a serious article ( no…matlab seriously serious ! )

A puff of smoke
I blew in the air
I knew I was standing
But I didn’t know where ?

Everything around was hazy
Lights shimmering , people grooving
I lay on the leather couch
Wondering what was I proving ?

There were empty glasses on the table
With bottles rolling around
I felt the music throbbing
And stared at the ground..

I could hear dad shrieking
As usual ; business was down
Some share prices had fallen
He had lost some properties in the town

I was sitting in the corner ..
And I wanted to say
“dad…my girl friend left me”
“dad …I bunked college today”

“dad , can you teach me how to ride ?”
“can we go and play basket ball ? “
“dad…I hate maths”
“Dad , I jumped over the campus wall “

So many word I had to say
But dad was upset again
I left the room quietly
And rode my bike in vain

Maybe I’ll get a car next
Or maybe a new PSP
Mom had said she’ll ask dad
Her own kitties were keeping her busy

I emptied another glass
Lights were shimmering…people grooving
Hugging the couch , I silently prayed…
Hope dad’s business was blooming
….hope dad’s business was blooming !


  1. dude! who was the inspiration??
    thts sum good stuff man!