Monday, March 29, 2010


NO , seriously man ! ST.O.P moaning …
Let me clear the air first , I am not talking about crying over here .Crying I repeat good ! it drains you and clears up your over stacked brains !
I am talking about the particular class of people who love to cry on..and on..and on !
“my girl friend left me …..baaahaaaa…sob sob ( quiet ) aaaaaaaa !”
“I failed ……( hanky out …nose blown …and then …)waaaa…uhh..uh…waaa”
“my this broke…that broke….( yep…u fill the blanks , m running out of background scores “

I mean to say…they REVEL in it ! the girl friend left 1 year back ( maybe it wasn’t even a gf….free mein paise uda raha tha bechara ) ..but they are still wiping the tears off their eye lids . modern day devdas(es) !
Well , at least …devdas drank n stumbled in some naali and kept QUIET ! they will cry on the fone , on the net , in college …and the expression ! ahhh….as if they are going as a martyr to kargil ( ummm…some have a constipated look too …but leave it ! )
And then they’ll say , “no one talks to me …I am so alone . The entire world’s a bitch ..( yes …1 …2…3…orchestra ! )” . Now you only tell me , who will want to stay with such a RONDU ! ( ah…I can’t help slipping in that term )

Well , sorry to give my “babagiri” lectures ….NOONE is interested . Half of the people are listening out of politeness ( and that lasts for only the first 100 times ) …the opther half ( yes ! you have heard this one …) are GLAD !
Seriously , noone gives a damn . So unless you turn into kalidas out of grief and produce something good enough …you aren’t really making a good use of time , my boy !
And now on to girls …. They my dear , have EVOLVED ! they cry ..but only till it’s useful …after a time they find a new boyfrie….errrr…object of fascination . Oh , but the memories are kept handy , and can be produced whenever required ( with the tears and sobs added…free of cost )
And in case you actually wana know how to use it to your advantage “rakhi ka swayamvar”’ll master the art perfectly !
PS : As one of my critics pointed out ..I have tried to minimize the use of exclamation marks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

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  1. oh my god..this is so flattering . thank you so much made my day :-)