Saturday, March 6, 2010


Confession : I was a sceptic myself . All that I am going to write is something I have discovered for myself by experimentation and observation .
Caution : I am in my “pravachan” mood .
Source of inspiration: “the secret” . one of the BEST self help books in the market . If you can’t afford the original version , go and get the duplicate one from Pondy bazaar or Aminabad . Trust me , it’s worth the money !
Ok , chuck positive thinking . For all you know , it’s one of the “big” “intellectual” type of things that people love to lecture on ( something like aura , aatma , karma , moksha etc. etc. ) . Analyze this : How many hours do you spend complaining ? being “J” of others ? seeing others and MOANING that you don’t have this..and that ..and and blah blah !
How many times do you say this “There is nothing happening to make me happy . Kis baat pe khush hoon ? “ . You wait for something …let’s say
“I’ll be happy if my gf calls/ if I get so many marks/if I get my i-pod , car , bike , movie ticket /if I get this to eat .“
So , once you are done musing over this ….I think there is basically NO REASON to be happy . but that dosen’t mean you shouldn’t be happy ! It means you should be happy ALWAYS . It’s not that difficult ….and noone can actually do that , but let’s just …for formality’s sake …TRY ?
Another thing …stop complaining !
“my job sucks …my boss is a doppelganger of Miranda preistley”
“My college sucks ..the crowd is so tacky”
“my family sucks. ..they just don’t understand anything about me”
“I don’t have a gf…booooohoooo”
“:my figure/face/voice/hair/complexion sucks “
Seriously , STOP MOANING ! noone is interested .The more you focus on your deficiencies , the more prominent they become in your life .
One of the exercises they tell in the book is actually good . Make a list of things you are THANKFUL for . Trust me , it’s therapeutic ! You’ll feel happy after seeing it .
I don’t wana go deep into the “visualization” stuff …but try imagining happy happy things . Things you want to happen , things which will be good for you . And ( according to the book ) it will happen if you believe in it strong enough .
PS: Remember “om shanti om” ka dialogue . “agar app ….dil-o-jaan…poori kaaynat..blah blah “
So , in short be cheerful , try smiling always , do things which you like and think bright and happy . If something troubles you , instead of complaining about it or crying about it …stop THINKING about it . I am on my way of trying this out …you also join in . And tell me if something good happens :-)

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