Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good old cartoons...WHERE ARE THEY ???

“A two feet high chinky guy is walking on the road..a scrawny cat jumps from the tree in front of him..he screams …and jumps 5 feet high …his balls pop out ( the eye balls …I mean ) and he gives the cat a (ninja+Jackie chan) style kick …”
At this point my brother bursts out laughing and I shake my head .I look at him ,then at the TV and then at the calendar …nah ! It’s not 2012 , we are not going to die ! Apparently this is what kids watch these days ( and we wonder what is happening to the present generation )

Yes , people …remember the good old days of Disney and cartoon network . The 6 to 7 “Disney hour” …Aladdin ( I confess I had a crush on jasmine ) ..Gummy bears ( my personal favourite )…duck tales (Launch pad’s plane….uncle Scrooge’s ‘tahkhana’ ..hewy dewy lewy ! ) …tales pin ( ballu …pantar and madam mahalingam ) …little mermaid ( sebastian’s bak-bak ….the king’s “trishul” and the mermaids …muuuah ! )
….and Not to be forgotten , goof troops ( I LOVED the title track ) !
And when Disney wasn’t there ….CARTOON NETWORK !( one of the earliest war topics between me and mom ) . All guys know they watched “POWERFPUFF GIRLS” one time or the other ( I’ll kill to see the mayor’s secretary’s face dude ! ) … “DEXTER” !!! ( ooooooh….wass that button ? Don’t touch it Dee Dee ! KABOOM ! ) …FLINSTONES ( have a yabadaba …flinstoreee …sorry can’t remember the title track ! ) …MASK ( I know some of you sick people actually tried some of the stuff shown ;-) )…ADAM’S FMAILY ( click …click ….loved the finger snapping ! )….SCOOBY DOO ( one word …..muuuuuuah ! ) …and and and and ….TOM AND JERRY !
Ok , so before nostalgia sets in big time I’ll call you people back to 21st cenrutry . yuck …welcome to “SHIN CHAN” …”POWER RANGERS” ….and “NINJA HATOORI” .

Please do not ask me the details they are too disgusting to divulge . Here are a few interesting observations ..
1 .most of them are “CHINKY” .This is Japan’s new way of winning the world . Start at the base !
2. They are either fighting , screaming , jumping or popping out their eyeballs .
3.They are OBSESSED with saving the world ( thanks “A” for that detail )
4.Most of them have devious plans ….which are carried out inside the house only
“why don’t you add two sleeping pills to mom’s tea…then we can go and play !”
“I will kill my mom ...tomorrow I will remove the car breaks before she leaves”
“why don’t we go and steal his bag…and rip off his note books ?”
PS : the first one gave my aunt a heart-attack . Fortunately , my brother hasn’t carried it out as yet .
5 . They are so violent man ! No seriously , tune in to this channel called “animax” …you’ll die of shock
6.a few of them involve love stories too…so slicky it’s like a perverted version of Enid Blyton books ( again …thanks “A” )

So , the next time you see your bro or sis watching this ….make sure either you stop them ( HAHAHHA ….as if ! ) or run out of the room yourself ( at least , don’t pollute your happy Disney/CN memories ) !


  1. sniff sniff...thanx for sharing the concern...
    condolences on the loss of gud cartoons...i loved them

    u missed johnny quest....
    n i call A fred flintstones...:-)

  2. ohhh i so miss talespin and balooooo and duck tales and mowgli.. watch all this on you tube now tch tch.. and i hate shinchan(which my sister 8 yrs younger loveddddd!!)