Thursday, March 4, 2010

reflection at the airport ..

Time : 7:51 PM
Place : Delhi domestic airport
Condition : bored , sleepy , bursting with food
Caution : this work is the child of boredom …so be ready for a lot of nonsense blabbering
Yep , my flight is at PM …and I have been warming my gluteus maximus for the alst two hours in this place . I spent some of my b’day money ( smart relatives give you moolah …so that you can invest it your way :-) ).My current book is on ‘dharm and mahabharat’ and although it is interesting , there is a limit as to how much of it you can read in a day . Other than that , I have been admiring my tummy ( oh for God’s sake , I am coming back from holi . I deserve one . ) and staring all around ( Dilli ki crowd = yummy )
There is a “corporate” type dood talking into his blackberry ….one auntyji is having a raging battle with her “chhotu” .. the cleaner is sweeping the floor and a totally “hungry-for-days” uncleji is hogging on KFC burger .
I am sooo tired …noone weird enough to go and communicate with . I have totally assumed my “dehati” posture . Sitting on the chair cross legged , chappals removed , scratching my head from time to time and my tummy rolling around carefree .
So , the b’day is over . I got a LOT of wishes and I was soooooooooooo happy ( just to clarify …I still am ) . Let’s see …. I like to think that my new year begins form my b’day ( logic – by the time 3 march comes I have not completed any of my new year resolution…so might as well start a new new year ) . Got a lot to do , lot of planning ( usually I get tired with that only ) , lot of work and lot of self improvement ( provided the psychiatry dept. is ready to see me ) . life is certainly GOOD …but let’s strive to make it BETTER . What say ?
Ah ! with that miraculous statement my laptop battery has bereft me …so , I must bid adieu . Chennai here I come ………
PS : Delhi airport is seriously sexy nowadays . Cheerio !

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