Sunday, March 21, 2010

An ode to my "favourite" writer ...

Someone asked me this yesterday , “who’s your FAVOURITE writer ?”
Usually , I say “all of them”
But this tiem I sat and thought ….9and there was a loooooooong list to go over) when it suddenly clicked ….ladies and gentlemen …the GENIUS …Enid Blyton !
Ok …going back to class 6th ,Akshay Singh read ONLY hindi books ( yeah…ok…ok..I was afraid I wouldn’t understand English ! ) when our dear librarian threw this book over my head ( “bloody…sale read something . You kids don’t read at all !” Ahh ! We miss your dialogues so much ma’am )
And it was called “secret seven” …I opened up the first page …then the 2nd and then it went on an on ….the seed had been sown ( to put it in hindi …”mere andar keeda ghus gaya tha “ ) .
You have to give it to her man ! Noone writes it like Enid Blyton !
Ahhh….those cycle rides , the outdoor camping , the clubs , the badges the ginger beer and the cakes …the adventure and the moon lit nights . Ah ! you started the book and you just couldn’t put it down . Noddy ..the wishing chair…famous five…secret seven …the mystery series….St.Clare’s …Malory towers .Pages and pages of magical story telling . Anyone who has read them knows what I am talking about . We all had dreams about going there and being with them .
Given a chance I’d still prefer an Enid Blyton over all the crap kids read these days ( twilight … eragon …narnia …blah blah ) . I was surprised to know that she was a female ( I am not being a sexist…it was a pleasant surprise ! ) ..and her original name was Darrell Rivers , she suffered from Child abuse when she was a kid and didn’t have a good childhood . There was a controversy a few years back regarding her books ( they were sexist…why did only girls do all the work ? and apparently the names .”dick” and “fanny” communicated wrong meanings ! )
To all those who think of all this crap . The dirt is in your brains , u pigs ! To us Enid Blyton fans she’ll always remain this friend who taught us how to dream and introduced us to a whole new group of friends …BOOKS :-D
I salute thee !


  1. you are so right akshay even i adore. her books were magical.......

  2. Seriously dude! I startd my reading wid enid bylton too... N evn today i sumtyms get the urge to pick up a dusty five or a dogeared wishing chair, grab a cushion, ask mum for a mug of bournvita... N plonk myslf on my bed... Ah!

  3. prato .....dats what i call "HEAVEN" ( and yep yep bournvita !!! ) :-D

  4. akshay....i have no words yr....this was super cool man...i second Prato...i started with famous five..those boooks were and are still the best ones 4 anyone to get the habit of reading...and enjoy it!!

  5. lolzzz...ahh ! good old carefree days madam :-)

  6. so true akshayy!!! i started my reading wid enid blyton books.. i jus love them!!!