Thursday, March 25, 2010

what GIRLS MEAN when they say...

Declaration : This is an ORIGINAL work . It has taken a lot of research ( not to mention a lot of high-heel kicks on my gluteus maximus ) on my part to have finally come out with these complex mysteries of life .
PS :the “M” line indicates the hidden meaning :-)

1.”Nice dress” (to a boy )
M: Now I’ll hav to find a shirt like this for my dad/brother/husband/bf .

2.”nice dress” ( to a girl )
M : Bitch ! I should be wearing that .How did she get one before me !

3.I haven’t studied ANYTHING ( the last word is dragged out to empathize it )
M : I have done my 3rd revision but I am not sure if it is enough or not !

4.”so mean”
M : I so enjoyed your bitching …but I am too prim and proper to accept it !

5.”just joking”
M: Every word I just said is true ….you BETTER get the meaning mister !

6.”I am ALMOST done”
M: take a pillow and sleep …I just did the first layer of make-up !

7.”awwwwww…how sweet”
M: Ok , now I know you are the guy whom I can do all my jobs for me .

8.”I slept off a day before the exam”
M: I accidentally fell asleep at 2 am ( after the 2nd revision )…and I am feeling so guilty about it !

9.”how rude”
M: I loved the naughty flirting you just did !

10.Did you really mean that ? ( for a compliment )
M : PUMP IT UP .She loves hearing more about what you just said ..

11. Did you really mean that ? ( for a joke you cracked on her )
M : STO P ! that’s her insecurity point …do not say a word more about it .

12.”I’ll think about it …ok ? “
M : I am going to make you wait , until you change your opinion about the matter

13.Who’s that friend of yours ?
M : EITHER she’s interested in him OR she’s making you “J”

14.Should I tell you something ? don’t tell anyone …
M: some HOT bitching coming up !

15.”I dunno…I am just not feeling well “
M : Ask me “WHY “ ? I wana cry /moan / tell my problems to someone !

16. “oh no…what happened ? You can tell me “
M : come on….i am bored . Gimme some gossip
Precaution : be careful about what you say .She’ll use it against you one day :-D

17.”listen , can I call you later ?:
M : I am soooooo avoiding you mister . Get the HINT !

18. I think you mom is right .
M : she is CUNNINGLY sucking up to you . They know guys love girls who approve of their moms :-)

19.”you’ve got a nice smile/hair/nose/ear lobe ….watevah “
M : either she is actually interested ( 5% chance ) or she wants to have fun seeing that STUPID smile light your face ( calculate it …95% )

20.I love you
M: Pack your bags , fold your trouser/lungi …and RUN for your LIFE !

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