Saturday, April 10, 2010

EMBARASSED kya ??????

God , my dear gave us 7 basic emotions…
Happiness , sadness , fear , jealousy , surprise , anger , disgust
READ it ? read it again please …there is no emotion beginning with “E”

But yet we have it ?
“hey bhagwaan….don’t talk so loudly …people are staring “( let them…we can’t do anything if they are so jobless ! )
“you are going to wear that … ok ! ummm..”( I am not going naked…I just wana try something funky … )
“don’t behave like that “ ( ok …mummy/daddy …I won’t suck my thumb now )
“for heaven’s sake..someone will see “ ( oops…remind me to get my invisibility cloak next time )

Oh yes…they’ll become red in the face…try to look towards the side …and walk a lil bit away from you . don’t feel offended buddy….they don’t DESERVE to walk with you !
Why ? because the people you are going out with are your FRIENDS . No matter how weird they act …in the end they care for you . They took out their time to come and walk with you with you …talk with you .
How does it matter , I ask ? What if people are staring at you ? let them..what’s the maximum they’ll think …
“no manners “ ( the basic manners include respecting people’s privacy …you are soooo going and peeping at them .. mr.mannerisms ! )
“how uncivilized …how uncoooth…some blah blah “ ( seriously aunty …we aren’t camping in your house…relax ! )
“they are so weird !” ( oh ..that we are . Compliment accepted )

Those people are STRANGERS .They’ll never see you again..maybe after 5-10 minutes never think of you again too . But the mad , crappy , loud , obnoxious people with you are going to be there when you are TOO EMBARASSED to show your face to the world . So , next time , you feel embarrassed by staring strangers ….do what I do . STARE BACK AT THEM :-D

PS : to that category , who act loud to gain attention or prove how COOL they are ..ignore them … that’s the biggest embarrassment you can throw at them ( n they need it too…trust me )

PS : if you want anti-embarassment training , you can come and roam around with me for a month…trust me , you won’t get embarased by anything after that ( free of cost ) :-D

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