Monday, April 5, 2010

Who wana grow up ? NOT ME !

“Beta …grow up !”
“you are older now…you can’t do that”
“stop being kiddish”
“act your age mister”
The next time someone says any of this to you…look at them seriously…nod your head..put out your tongue …do “tttthhhhhhhbrrrrrrrrrp” …and RUN :-D

Yikes ! I am soooooooo tired of people lecturing me . What’s your problem Mr.i-grew-old-so-quickly ? Why don’t you get your teeth taken out and get a denture if you are so keen to act “your age” !

I don’t get it…maybe I am being childish ( wait a sec. ….isn’t that the moral of this article ? ) but I DETEST doing “grown up” things :

1. Act serious …wear big glasses ..nod when elders talk some serious politics stuff…and jump on your bum when they offer you a responsibility ! ( we can soooooooo be responsible AND HAVE FUN at the same time …)

2. Don’t crack silly jokes…try to UNDERSTAND how tough/sad/tragic/constipated life is ! ( yeah….we know it….hello ! we are just trying to make it a bit lighter )

3.No more DEMANDING stuff …leave good stuff for your juniors ( my foot ! those rascals are 100 times more smarter at getting stuff than we EVER were )

4.Set an example for your younger brothers/sisters/the entire “mohalla” / your extended family living in Pakistan ( as if …these kids only make fun of us these days…or use us as someone to put the blame on ! )

5.don’t act foolishly outside ( again …show the tongue …do “thbrrrrrrrrrp” …we are ENJOYING…duniya gayi tel lene ! )

So , my dear friends….let’s pledge that we won’t GROW UP .As it is …the world is short of laughter and craziness these days ( well..if you watch Ekta kapoor and Rakhi …that’s a different area altogether ) . let’s just stay this way…chuck seriousness and MATURE behaviour into the bin . let the younger brat…ummm…kids know that we are the SENIORS …they better respect us …we had already done all that while they were pissing in their huggies ki chaddies !

AHHh…..the sheer pleasure of sucking an orange bar LOUDLY …of singing songs on the roads …of eating golgappas while our mouths burn ( don’t forget the ‘hichki’ )..of watching tom-n-jerry …of joking on people behind their backs…of slapping friends on their backs ….
Let the snobs ( read pre-term grown-ups ) …wiggle their noses and make faces . Baby , we are toooooo kiddish to notice them :-D

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