Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Yep…surrender…bow down…lower your weapons . There is no use fighting . They have done it !
While we were busy finding girl friends , chatting on our phones , fighting with our parents , learning new vocabulary , buying new games/bikes/cars/mobiles and coming to terms with our “teenage” …they were EVOLVING ..and how !
Yes , darwin’s concept of “survival of the kaminest” ( ummm…he used some angreji word …but this one is more apt here ) still stands true . B’coz our younger generation has certainly adapted themselves better for the upcoming years .
They are smart , they play ( not just one game…practically the entire Olympics list ! ) , they study ( and get marks … ) , they are confident ( may I use the word “OVER” for some special cases ? ) ,they go for debates ….plays…quizzes …( yeah , you know the list ) and still….( yep ! hold your breaths people ) ….DO NOT GET STRESSED …still manage to find time for sleeping , eating , cartoons , troubling mom( and us ! ) and doing mischief ( people with younger siblings …my deepest sympathies are with you )

Remember when we were kids
1. All we knew in English was , “ my name is …” ; “ I study in …” ; “my father’s name is … “ . If asked anything else we’d look blank and try to hide behind our mummy ..
2. The only game we played was gali-cricket , catch-um-catch , vish-amrit and house-house ( ah...See, I never forget you ladies ! )
3. Exams meant learning everything under mummy’s gaze ( and chappal in my case ) and then writing the same answer or essay no matter what came in the paper ( some of us still adhere to the policy ;-) )
4. who knew about debates and quizzes ….going on the stage ONCE ( n that too…in a group ) and saying a poem was such a feat …mummy bragged about if for YEARS !
5. phone ? phone ???? we got sooooooo happy if one of the calls were for us ! It made us feel so IMPORTANT ( see…mummy , mera call aaya )

But , these brats…errr…baba log do it all ! I still get red in the face when my brother finds something in my mobile menu …which I didn’t even knew existed . Only the other day …he fixed my computer ! ( I still suspect he kicked it to make it work ..but anyways , the credit goes to him gentlemen )
My sister already has an almirah full of certificates and guards her award money with her life ! me ? I am so thankful to mom for saving all the books I got as prizes ( including Goldilocks ) . Besides being the batch topper …she can write the character analysis of any character from “dil mil gaye” and “balika vadhu “ ( SIGH….girls !)

I dunno how , when and why did we escape this evolution phase ? Anyways …You rocks Mr.Darwin !
And don’t get upset….at least we still got opposable thumbs :-D


  1. but the point is.. they too have it.. the opposable thumbs i mean....

  2. i hate kids...n anything abt them!

    as i say "i love kids,coz wen they cry somone takes them away"!

  3. thou ma'am ...art inhuman . Which is precisely why I admire thee :-D